There are 14 Football Clubs that make up the PLC. Discover more about their individual stories, their achievements, and ambitions.

  • Ajman

    Ajman Club was founded in 1974 following the dissolution of (Al Shula, Al Nasr, and Al Hilal) clubs.

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  • Al Ahli
    Al Ahli

    Al Ahli Club was founded in September 1970 following the merger of the two clubs of Al Wahda and Al Shabab.

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  • Al Ain
    Al Ain

    Al Ain Sports and Cultural Club was established in 1968 in Al Ain City as a sports football club. Later on, the club’s acti...

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  • Al Dhafra
    Al Dhafra

    Al Dhafra Club was founded in 2000 within the UAE’s policy framework aimed at caring for the youth and sports everywhere in...

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  • Al Jazira
    Al Jazira

    Al Jazira Club was founded in 1969 when a group of young people from Abu Dhabi established Al khalidiya Club, which merged in...

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  • Al Nasr
    Al Nasr

    Al Nasr Club passed through several main stages which were prominent enlightening landmarks that illuminated the long road th...

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  • Al Shaab
    Al Shaab

    The club was officially publicized in 1974 in the Emirate of Sharjah, and the surface area of the club, which is located in A...

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  • Al Shabab
    Al Shabab

    Al Shabab Al Arabi Club was established as a sports, cultural, and social establishment.

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  • Al Wahda
    Al Wahda

    The foundation of Al Wahda Club goes back to before the establishment of the United Arab Emirates.

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  • Al Wasl
    Al Wasl

    The foundation of Al Wasl Club dates back to the year 1960 when a group of young people from Zabeel Area met at the house of ...

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  • Bani Yas
    Bani Yas

    Baniyas Club was established and publicized by a decision from the Supreme Council for Youth and Sports in 1982.

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  • Dubai

    Dubai Cultural and Sports Club was founded in 1997 and was publicized by the Ministry of Youth and Sports in March 1997.

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  • Emirates

    Emirates Club is based in Ras al-Khaimah. The club was established in 1969, from the joint of the two local football teams Om...

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  • Sharjah

    When the UAE qualified for the FIFA World Cup (Italy 1990), Sharjah was responsible for supplying the national team with no l...

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