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The idea of establishing the club started by a group of young people from the area: Salem Ahmed Al Laghesh, Mohammed Obaid Al Laghesh, Abdullah Mohammed Al Khutaibi, Ali Yousef Al Shamesi, Saeed Obaid Al Salami, Khamis Obaid Ismail Al Hammoudi, and Rashid Abdullah Al Oud. These young men watched the football game while they were in Kuwait in the early sixties, and they loved the game, so they founded a club there and named it the “Arabian Gulf Union Club”.  They played several games and subscribed to the Kuwaiti Football Union at their own expense. 

The idea came to the region after the young men returned and brought with them the idea and rules of the game which were not basically known to any of the area residents at that time. They established the club under the name Arabian Gulf Union Club, and the first headquarter for the club’s management was in the Sambrid area, and the first football playground was in Al Qaiaan area near the old hospital. Then the club’s headquarter moved to Al Mahleb area, and the playground remained in Al Qaiaan area. During that period, the club played several matches with Dibba Al Baya Club, Arab Gulf Team, Al Zafer team in Dibba Al Hisn area, and the team of the British forces that were based in the region at the time. The club remained under the same name and continued as it was; the idea was developing and the number of players and game lovers was increasing day after day.

There were several attempts to publicize the club under the same previous name, and there was a pressing desire to change the name to Dibba Club in reference to the beautiful city of Dibba. His Excellency Abdullah Al Salami played a major role during that period to achieve this desire. In 1976, the club was publicized under the name Dibba Sports and Cultural Club, and the playgrounds were moved to Al Oukamiah area in the same location of the current Dibba Meadow.

Since that date, the club’s name remained the same to the present, and the games activities of football, basketball, volleyball, and handball have started.  

Dibba Al Fujairah Club plays at Al Fujairah Stadium


Board of Directors:

-His Excellency Mohammad Hassan Al Dhanhani, Chairman of the Board of Directors.

-His Excellency Ahmad Saeed Al Dhanhani, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors.

-His Excellency Abdullah Ahmad Al Dhanhani, General Secretary.

-His Excellency Khalifa Saeed Abdullah Al Dhanhani, Assistant Secretary General.

-His Excellency Khaled Rashed Al Dhanhani, Finance and Marketing Manager.

-His Excellency Ahmad Rashed Al Dhanhani, Chairman of the Cultural Committee.

-His Excellency Ali Hassan Saeed Al Hamoudi, Chairman of the Sports Committee.

-His Excellency Mohammed Ahmad Saeed Al Hafeeti, Vice Chairman of the Cultural Committee.

-His Excellency Hamoud Mohammed Hamoud Al Saridi, Director of Basketball Teams.

-His Excellency Juma Hamdan Juma Al Abdouli, Director of the First Team.

-His Excellency Muhammad Ali Khamis Al Khadim, Vice Chairman of the Sports Committee.