Sparky’s Column

Fantasy Football Time

Fantasy Football sounds a lot of fun, you get to name, pick and oversee a team of stars online, but there can also be a serious side; a very serious side. Fantasy sports have transcended the internet and even spawned their own TV show in the shape of The League. The show follows the adventures of a group of men all with a different approach to fantasy football, and the characters could come to life this season in the UAE with the launch of the new Arabian Gulf League Fantasy Football.

The Obsessive

Every piece of information on every player is dissected down to the tiniest detail. The team is then selected not only on current form but the strengths and weaknesses of the opponent your player is likely to face one on one in a match, are you confused yet? The weather conditions are included in the calculation plus if your man is playing home or away. If you are now bamboozled I'm not surprised because this is a full time job and you or I don't have the time. In conclusion this is the type of fantasy player who, if he could would check what the players were eating pre-match, would also base his selection upon this minute detail.

The Natural

This player is sickening in his or her ability to spend minimal time picking a side that gains a huge amount of  points week in week out. They drop a player the moment he goes out of form and bring in the player just before he begins a 10 goal scoring streak. They couldn't name who was in the team and have a laissez-faire attitude to the point of not caring, but somehow it all just works.

The Jinx

Similar to the natural but at the other end of the continuum, everything they do is wrong. They buy the most expensive player who does absolutely nothing, so they transfer him and bring in another who immediately gets injured. The goalkeeper they sign after four clean sheets immediately concedes five in the next game. Everything they touch turns to dust and any attempts to make it better just make it worse.

The Clueless One

Normally a work colleague with no interest in football who just joins "cos everyone else has". They normally have the best comedy name, something like "Sharjah Gabor" or "Bani Yes" and this is coupled with absolutely no idea what they are doing. Players will be chosen because they have a nice name or maybe look like one of their friends. Similar to The Natural The Clueless One usually does very well much to the annoyance of everyone else.

The Skin Flint

This is someone who treats the fantasy money like his own, going for the cheapest players possible the reason? Well even he doesn't know. The season as expected goes disastrously wrong  but at least he is left with millions of Dirhams of fantasy money he can't use.

The Random

Opens account, hits 'select for me' button, and sits back for the season.

That's my guide to the fantasy football scene and you can be part of it now with as little or as much effort as you like. The key is it gives everyone an interest in the Arabian Gulf League plus can lead to some real rivalry if you and a few friends enter the competition. The address to register is - Good luck!